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Tracking Yields Good Results For Banner Advertising

Bold Colors and News Yield Highest Levels of Banner Advertising Campaign Online. ASI’s latest research also suggests that banner ads which feature the boldest colors have the greatest impact on recall. In addition, ads which feature new information most significantly move consumers toward purchase.

This replicates the television experience, where news heightens persuasion. Marianne Foley said: “Initially, the focus of the testing was simply to determine the effectiveness of banner advertising. Now that we know definitively that the ads are indeed effective, our next step is to research exactly why.”

AOL Members Feel Positively Toward Banner Ads. An overwhelming majority of AOL members who participated in the research study indicated that they feel positively toward banner ads on AOL, regardless of where they are located. In fact, 9 out of 10 of research participants claimed to be favorably disposed to banner ads on the service.

During January 2007, ASI tested four brands with relatively average levels of brand awareness in similar chat and content areas. The brands included a leading soft drink company, Chevrolet Blazer, Levi’s Dockers and Nabisco Barnum Animal Crackers. The study involved 4,800 people in 4 test groups, each of whom viewed one of four product banner ads, and 4 control groups who saw AOL “in-house” banner ads.

Respondents were recruited via e-mail, invited to visit either a content or chat site, and asked to evaluate the content at the designated destination there, with no indication that they were being asked to evaluate advertising. For the test group, standard-sized banner ads for branded products were placed in chat and content areas. After participants visited the content or chat areas they were directed to, they were invited to click to a questionnaire and asked to answer a series of questions. Key areas of questioning included: recall, communication, likes/dislikes, persuasion, and attitudes toward banner advertising.

ASI conducted its first research study on the effectiveness of banner advertising on America Online on recall and persuasion in June and July 2006. At that time, banner ads for three mass market consumer brands were tested in both content and chat areas on the service, each with a relatively average level of brand awareness. The products tested included a salad dressing, an oral care product, and a videotape release.

Based in Stamford, Connecticut, IPSOS ASI, the advertising research company, is one of the largest and longest-established market research organizations in the country specializing in advertising research. Founded more than 30 years ago, ASI has remained in the vanguard of advertising research by continuously pioneering the development of new and innovative methodologies for measuring and evaluating audience response.

There was a 38% increase in the number of sites seeking online advertisers in 2006, according to AdKnowledge in its ‘Online advertising report: Year in review 2007’.

The report also tracked the market share of Netscape and Microsoft, based on a sample of 552,000 adviews and click-throughs over October and November 2006. It found that Microsoft to be the most popular browser with 49.4% of the market compared to 44.9% for Netscape. Adknowledge suggests that this is because Microsoft is the default browser on many computers.

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