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The US share of total worldwide business to business Banner Advertising Software will shrink from 79% in 2002 to 49% in 2007, according to a report by eMarketer, which looked at the business side of e-commerce. The report indicates that the globalisation of the internet and e-commerce will occur due to telecom deregulation and increased PC and modem penetration, particularly in Europe and Asia, also because of the financial attraction of e-commerce to foreign businesses and the deployment of mid-band and broad-band technology solutions.

Online auctions, Jupiter Communications, predict that the number people purchasing goods at online auctions will increase from 1.2 million in 2002 to 6.5 million in 2007 and will account for 11% of the overall online shopping industry. From a report on auctions on the internet, Jupiter estimates that over the next four years online auction spending will reach $ 7.1 billion. It also says the range of products available at online auctions will expand to attract the more mainstream consumer. To date, it found that customers at online auctions have been predominately male, with an advanced knowledge of technology.

Jupiter Communications has advised suppliers that the newer mass market online consumer is far less tolerant of business and technical shortcomings than earlier net shoppers. Based on a survey of 2,300 online households in the US, Jupiter reports that the percentage of online customers satisfied with their shopping experience has fallen from 88% in mid-2006 to 74% in the last two months of 2006. The three most cited reasons for dissatisfaction are the lack of merchandise availability, additional shipping and handling costs and slow site performance.Online hotel bookings are expected to generate $ 3.1 billion by 2002, accounting for 25% of the overall internet travel industry revenue, according to a report by Bear, Stearns & Co. This compares to online hotel bookings in 2004, which accounted for $ 100 million, representing 9% of the total revenue.

Online Broadcasting Online Radio Listenership has doubled in the US, according to a study by Arbitron Company and Edison Media Research, based on a study of 1,350 people across the country. It found that 13% of Americans listened to the radio over the internet in the second half of 2006 compared to 6% of the US population that had tuned in online in July 2006. The report found that visitors to radio websites are most interested in accessing information on community events, 70%, concert information, 68%, information on titles and artists, 61% and listing to the station, 59%.

Households with the internet watch less TV, a recent study by the Yankee Group has confirmed through a study of over 2,000 households across the US. The study also found that households with PCs and internet access are more likely to be Cable and DBS subscribers.

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