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What kind of ads do I advertise on my web site- the options explained

The parabolic rise of the Internet in the last decade has given rise to huge online money-making opportunities that never existed before. The entire face and landscape of business have been changed forever by website-based business opportunities.

Now it’s possible for a person to own one or more websites, hosted for a very low cost (and often created for free) that can generate money for him even as he sleeps. The way to get a website generating revenue is through online advertising including Google AdSense or online Advertising Networks.

According to the Computer Desktop Encyclodpedia, Google’s AdSense is a “targeted advertising program that allows Web sites to monetize their content via Google ads. Google delivers text, image and video ads to the site pages based on the keywords embedded in the site’s pages, which have been modified with JavaScript code to accept the ads. If site visitors click on the ads, the Web site shares in the revenues. AdSense is the Web site counterpart to Google’s AdWords, which are ads on search engine results pages.”

AdSense is the unobtrusive program that generates all of those webpage content-related advertisements on the margins of a webpage, enticing you to click on them and find a needed or desired product or service. The website owner that allows these ads to appear is rewarded by earning a small commission every time someone clicks one of the ads. Commissions increase the further (deeper into the linked sales site) one clicks.

Google’s AdSense program allows you to open a free account and set up your websites and blogs to receive AdWords there. Google gives you the HTML code to copy and paste into your site’s coding to allow the ads to show up and be tracked by Google. Once your account has earned at least $100.00 in commissions, Google will send you a check for the amount you’ve earned at the start of the following month.

AdSense garners success by showing only unobtrusive ads that relate directly to the webpage being viewed (meaning the reader is more likely to be interested in clicking them than he would if they were merely random).

More and more, website owners are using online advertising networks. These online companies are infomediaries that act between a group (network) of websites wanting to host advertisements and advertisers which want to run advertisements online. Essentially, these networks are collection of typically unrelated Internet-based advertising inventory (including but not limited to banner ads, rich media, text links, or auto-responsive e-mails). Usually the ad networks deliver their content via a central ad server.

Needless to say, in order to get advertising from the ad networks or in order to make AdSense profitable, you need to have a frequently visited website or blog. The best way to begin generating revenue from your websites is to constantly add new content, including links, original words, and images, and in a narrowly focused way (choose and stay with one theme or topic per website).

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